Description: Je n'ai pas le temps!
Location: France
Location: France
Location: Australia
Hometown: Bezerkeley
Description: En phrase de test
Location: France
Keywords: codeigniter, itil, scrum
About: J'avais un compte mastodon mais apparament je ne suis pas le bienvenu chez framapiaf. On m'a demandé de partir et on a dit que mon compte va être suspendu. Puis mon compte a été supprimé. Ici sur zap pour communiquer avec les comptes activitypub et zot. Je garde les publications des autres 2 jours Mes publications sont supprimés aprés 3 jours
About: This is my zap account.
Description: Livestock Exporters
Location: Manila, Philippines
About: Australia's Livestock Exporters provide the best dairy livestock export services to the dairy farmers and food producers in the Philippines. Import top breeder dairy livestock into the Philippines by air or sea.
About: Rhys Liam is a trained expert who works with the development team with feedback from customers to make it to expectations. He lives in San Francisco and In addition to his work, he also writes for his personal blog. Visit
Location: Manitoba, Canada
Hometown: Winnipeg
Description: Mad, Bad and Dangerous To Know
Description: Kapten Tramm
Location: Estonia
Hometown: Tallinn
Location: Germany
Hometown: Augsburg
About: Locutor de
Age: 50
Description: mc testerson
Description: I knit a scarf once.
Location: California, US
About: [tinkerer-in-general] [jack of some trades] [terrestre, sabor mexicano] [papá] #nobot
Description: Quickbooks online accounting
Keywords: QuickBooks, Desktop, Pro
About: quickbooks online accounting
Age: 23
Description: Just a new Ancom!
Location: Arizona
Hometown: Tucson
Description: Pastor, Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Standish, MI
Location: Michigan, USA
Hometown: Standish
Description: be reasonable. demand the impossible.
Age: 44
Location: EU


Description: Zap Support
Description: Digital Marketing and Content Writer Expert
Age: 28
Location: Omaha, NE 68132, United States
Keywords: Marketing
About: My name is Robart Rioson. I am a Professional digital marketing and content writer expert.